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About the Project

Project Overview

The Saratoga Springs Open Space Plan was last updated in 2002. The City of Saratoga Springs has undertaken an effort to update this plan in order to better meet the open space goals for todays community. Read more about the history of the Open Space Plan here.


Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park was purchased in 2005 with fund from the Open Space Bond. Read more about the bond funds here.

New York State defines open space as land “which is not intensively developed for residential, commercial, industrial or institutional use. Open space can be publicly or privately owned. It includes agricultural and forest land, undeveloped coastal and estuarine lands, undeveloped scenic lands, public parks and preserves. It also includes water bodies such as lakes and bays. What land is defined as open space depends in part on its surroundings. A vacant lot or a small marsh can be open space in a big city. A narrow corridor or pathway for walking or bicycling is open space even though it is surrounded by developed areas.”[1]


[1] New York State Open Space Conservation Plan, 2016

What is Open Space?
Open Space
What is an Open Space Plan?

An Open Space Plan establishes a vision for a City-wide network of open spaces. The plan will enable the City to identify priorities for open space protection. This work will set the stage for the identification of open space resources by creating community consensus about conservation goals and priorities.

Open Space Plan Steering Committee

The Saratoga Springs Open Space Plan Update will be overseen by a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is made up of representatives from the City of Saratoga SpringsOpen Space Advisory Committee (OSAC), Saratoga PLAN, City Center Board, Saratoga Springs City School District, Saratoga Spa State Park and the City of Saratoga Springs Recreation Commission:

  • Tina Carton (Committee Chair) - City of Saratoga Springs, Administrator of Parks, Open Space, Historic Preservation & Sustainability

  • Susan Barden - Principal Planner, City of Saratoga Springs

  • Alane Chinian - Regional Director, Saratoga-Capital District Region, NY State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation 

  • Tom Denny - Chair, OSAC

  • Richard Higgins - Vice Chairman, City Center Board

  • Michael Horn - Conservation Director, Saratoga PLAN

  • Jennifer Hunt Dempsey - OSAC, Wilton Wildlife Preserve

  • Dr. Michael Patton - Superintendent, Saratoga Springs City School District

  • Stephen Samuell - OSAC

  • Cheryl Smith - City of Saratoga Springs Recreation Commission

The planning process will be facilitated by City staff with technical assistance from MJ Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C.

Steering Committee
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